About Us

Deas Elevator, which started the elevator assembly sector in 1974 and started manufacturing and material sales activities in 2001;From the first day, he adopted the quality as the company principle.

Deas Elevators having the widest range of products with reasonable price and high quality in the sector Elevator cater to every region of Turkey.

Our company works in the elevator industry by developing the capacity of duration and volume, Turkey and continues to consistently struggle to enter one of the leading companies in the world. Innovations in the industry; was one of the main participants in the elevator sector, pursuing both domestic and foreign countries and developing through the research of the arge and continues to increase its contribution with the same determination and motivation.

Our Mission:

Provide reliable and quality service, taking into account the development of technologies and innovations in the elevator sector. The goal is to ensure the comfort of the products and 100% safety.

Our Vision:

In the elevator sector, it should be the leading brand, which constantly enhances the satisfaction of the purpose with its services in this area, which protects and develops the credibility of Deas Lifts to the last.